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To promote the classical guitar in the community

Guitar Society Christmas Concert – Sunday 1st December

Dear guitar society members

Sunday 1st December is our Christmas Concert.

Practice at 4.15 – Concert at 4.45pm, @ New Crossways.

It would be really great to have you with us. It would be really great if you could play a piece. It will be fantastic if you can bring friends and/or relatives.

So far I have a few students playing solos or duets. Julie Bevan has agreed to play something. I will also play a couple of pieces with a flute playing friend of mine. It will be fantastic to have more performers. We need more performers. If you can play something – let us know before hand or just tell us on the day. The simplest of pieces can bring much joy to others and give you a great sense of pride and accomplishment to have performed.

The guitar orchestra will be playing a few pieces. If you have been part of this group – or you are a good sight reader, can you be at Crossways at 4.15. We will have a run through of our pieces and decide which are in performable condition.
At the moment the orchestra pieces to prepare are:

  1. Three Gavottes from Terpsichore
  2. Concerto in Re Majeur
  3. Mozart adagio
  4. Cameroon
  5. Albeniz Tango

Concert itself will be from 4.45 pm until 6.30 pm. This will include a Christmas afternoon tea break.
And of course – we need an audience! Absolutely everyone and anyone is welcome. I will invite my wife, my mum, and my guitar students and my cats.
Please invite people.
It will be so great if you can attend and support live guitar music by playing and/or listening.

Many many thanks
The Guitar Society Committee

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