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To promote the classical guitar in the community

April 8th 2018 Meeting – special guests – graduating classical guitarists from the New Zealand School of Music

Please note:

In April we meet 1 week later to avoid Easter.
On April 8th 2018

Our next meeting will be held on Sunday April 8th 2018
At Thistle Hall
293 Cuba St, Te Aro, Wellington
The meeting will start at 4.15 and finish at 6.30 pm.
Main performance will start at about 5.30
Access to the meeting room is through an open door on the side of the building in Arthur Street. Then go upstairs to the first floor.

Featured performers:

We are most fortunate to have graduating classical guitarists from the New Zealand School of Music, Victoria University performing at our next meeting. Emma Sandford and Joel Baldwin, and Oliver Fetherston and Rameka Tamaki will perform a programme of music for two guitars by composers from Brazil, Poland, Italy and the UK.

emma and joel
Emma and Joel will play:

‘Sakura No Hana’ Variations for Two Guitars Marek Pasieczny (1980)
Farewell to Stromness Peter Maxwell Davies (1934-2016)
Jongo Paulo Bellinati (1989)

Oliver and Rameka will play:
Ferdinando Carulli – Introduction, theme, variations and finale on “Carnaval de Venise” Op. 117
Sergio Assad – Summer Garden suite
I. Summer garden
II. Farewell
III. Invitation
IV. Butterflies

Meeting Introduction

Clyde will start us off with an introduction simpler piece for all in a group situation. Many thanks to Clyde for the contributions he makes to our group in this area.

Ensemble Work

We will continue with our ensemble this year as per usual. We will be using the same book we used in 2014. It has some great pieces in it which we can play better. If you have this please recycle it. So for this meeting we will have a play through of the attached pieces. However a booklet is in the pipeline (printed copies $5 each)
We will also play Planxty Irwin but Derek Hasted to be found at

Downloadable versions of the music for you to print can be found at WCGS 2018 Music.

There will be some extra copies at the meeting.

Members playing:

As usual we will have time for members playing. Either ensembles, duos or solos. And please, it does not have to be “classical” music that you perform. Jazz , pop , folk. And also “own compositions” are very welcome. We will have a white board up at the front of the room at the start of the meeting. If you wish to play during this section please add your name to the board and the approximate playing time. Then we will know how much time to give to this section.

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