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To promote the classical guitar in the community

Christmas concert is on Sunday 6th December at 4:15

It was so great to hear Duo Kita at our last meeting. The boys are preparing for an international chamber music competition. The repertoire was delightful. The playing was great. We wish them all the best in this endevour.
Thanks also to the other soloists. Very nice to hear your playing as well.
We may not get huge numbers to our meetings each month at Crossways, but all the same our meetings are a place where often  musical beauty and magic can be experienced. Thanks to all those who contribute to this. To the players. To the listeners.
It is Christmas time again and our Christmas concert is on Sunday 6th December at Crossways at 4.15.
As normal – the guitar group will have one run through their pieces before the concert itself starts at 4.45.
The guitar group program will be
1. Respighi
2. Bach Musette
4.Praetorius Suite

So if you are part of this group, please practice your part and be confident about which part you are playing and be on time for the rehearsal..
Also – we want other folks to contribute items to the concert. We will have an organised program so please if you wish to play something – which would be most gratefully accepted – let me know before the day so I can create a program.
If anyone would like to prepare a duet, I (Mike) am very happy to play the other part with you if you let me know the piece before hand. We can meet at Crossways at 4pm to have a quick play through! Others in the society may be happy to do this as well??
We will have Christmas cake and Sherry, (and other afternoon tea). Please bring guests along with you to enjoy the afternoon. It could be family or friends.
If you could bring a small something to go with afternoon tea that would be nice.
See you at the Christmas Concert!
The Guitar Society Committee

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