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To promote the classical guitar in the community

July 3rd meeting, “Hildegard to Handel”

 Special guests for July 3rd meeting…

Pepe Becker Soprano, Shruti Box)

Don King (Lute)

Robert Oliver (Bass Viol)

“Hildegard to Handel”

Pepe Becker (soprano, shruti box), Don King (lute) and Robert Oliver (bass viol) present a selection of early music, ranging from 12th Century chant (by Abbess Hildegard von Bingen) and other Medieval songs, to Italian and English Renaissance lute-songs, to 18th Century operatic arias (by G.F. Handel). They will use instruments in ways not often heard to accompany the voice in this repertoire: Robert’s “lyra viol” style of playing (with chords as well as the bass-line) replaces the more-often heard harpsichord or lute for some pieces, and Pepe’s shruti box (newly-purchased from Wales) provides a drone for some of the Medieval songs, which might have used hurdy-gurdy or a portative organ as accompaniment centuries ago.


This promises to be a fine concert and very much worth attending. There is not so much opportunity these days to hear this wonderful music. Would be great to see you come along and enjoy this.

Please come along and bring friends and family.

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