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To promote the classical guitar in the community

June Meeting Sunday June 11th, Thisle Hall, Feature Guest Cameron Sloan

Our next meeting will be held on Sunday 11th June
At Thistle Hall
293 Cuba St, Te Aro, Wellington
The meeting will start at 4.15 and finish at 6.30 pm.
Access to the meeting room is through an open door on the side of the building in Arthur Street. Then go upstairs to the first floor.

Sunday June 11th
Feature Guest
Cameron Sloan
Masters of Music Student
Melbourne Conservatorium of Music

Cameron Sloan began learning music at the age of 13, his first instrument was the clarinet, to which he soon added the electric guitar. Three years later he abandoned them both in favour of classical guitar. After studying with Dr Jane Curry at the New Zealand School of Music, he graduated with First Class Honours in Classical Performance in 2014. In 2015 Cameron continued his studies at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music under Tonié Field and will graduate with a Master of Music at the end of this year. As well as solo and ensemble performances both here and in Australia, Cameron was a member of the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music Guitar Quartet for its Arts Victoria funded regional tour in 2016.


Three Airs of Court – Guido Santorsola (1904 – 1994)
1. Preludio
2. Aria
3. Finale (Giga)

Rhapsody – Anthony Ritchie (b. 1960)
1. Slow Bulgarian Dance
2. Skittish Gigue

Sonata Clásica: Hommage à Fernando Sor – Manuel M. Ponce (1882 – 1948)
1. Allegro
2. Andante
3. Ménuet
4. Allegro
Don’t miss this exciting event!

Also at the meeting:

Guitar Ensemble:
Of course we will start with our Guitar Ensemble.
These can be accessed at
Please just go to this link and then click on each title to get a copy on your computer which you can then print.

The pieces we will work with today will be in the following order:
Note we have a new piece no. 22 from 48 preludes and fugues by JS Bach
Here is a link to a youtube of it and the associated fugue – which we are not playing
1.All in a garden
2. Drink to Me Only
3. German Dance
4. The water is wide
5. Hong Dou Ci
6. Le Phenix
7. Set of quartet pieces #2 by Forrest. These can be found at the following link.
I will also have some extra copies at the meeting.
Only print what you need for your part which is 2 pages.

We should decide this meeting which pieces we will record in June.

These all have reasonably simple parts. . But also some parts are more difficult than others for the same piece. Generally the 3rd part is the easiest. Choose a part that is reasonably easy to play for you. Please if possible download and print for yourself. However, If you forget to do this before the meeting – fear not – we will have paper copies at the meeting. But it is a big help if you can do this for yourself.
Also – for some, this will be too much music to practice. So just choose the first 2 or three and work on those. Then you can step out of the group if you wish for the harder pieces. It is a great experience to play as part of this bigger group and it will be fantastic to have as many as possible to take part.

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