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To promote the classical guitar in the community

Special Guest Matias Ceballo Aug 5th.

Matias Ceballo

This will start at about 5.30pm.
Wellington based composer, multi-instrumentalist musician and vocalist originally from the South of Chile. Through his travels Matias has come to know the identity of the guitar in different countries of Latin America, and has dedicated his work especially to the Latin American Trova. In his compositions he mixes the Spanish guitar and the Latin American guitar. Matias has been playing music for over 20 years, and recorded a number of albums. His original music work is largely influenced by the roots of the native culture and the traditions of his homeland. His work presents aspects linked with different important social events that took place in the Chilean history and the different realities of the lives of the native Mapuche people (indigenous people of South-Central Chile) exploring the themes of love, injustice, and dreams of better life and equality.

Matias’ Music Skills:
Instruments: vocals; string instruments-guitar, cuatro venezuelano , charango; percussion instruments-jembe, congos & bongos, cajon, shakers and guiro; traditional Andean woodwind instruments/pan flutes- quena, zamponas and other flutes. Matias often plays all of the listed instruments simultaneously during his music presentations with the help of the loop pedals, and is often being referred to as a “one man orchestra”.

Demo video-guitar, original song:
November 2016, performance at the SOFAR event. SOFAR is a worldwide music organisations which organises music events for serious music lovers to promote original artists.
Here is a link to a video from MAtias
Come and enjoy a very interesting performance that for us is also a bit different!

Meeting Introduction
Clyde will start us off with an introduction simpler piece for all in a group situation. Many thanks to Clyde for the contributions he makes to our group in this area.

Ensemble Work
Such a great opportunity to have musical fun and develop musical skills. For this month we will focus on the pieces as follows:
Pavane,,Mille Ducas”
Galliarde,,Ghequest bin ick”
Ronde,,Mille Ducas”
Meridian (Richard Charlton)
Baby Elephant Walk.
Milonga Del Angel
Note that the whole document with these and the rest of the pieces for 2018 is here: WCGS 2018 Music
Please practice your parts. Then you will enjoy things more and the playing will go better.

Members playing:
As usual we will have time for members playing. Either ensembles, duos or solos. And please, it does not have to be “classical” music that you perform. Jazz , pop , folk. And also “own compositions” are very welcome.

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