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To promote the classical guitar in the community

Special guests for June 5th meeting Trio Archi d’Amore Zealanda

TrioArchi Trio Archi d’Amore Zealanda would like to play at the next meeting – they head to Poland the following week and have two commissions to premiere, one piece by a NZ composer.


Michael Williams – Suite per antichi archi





Boris Pigovat – Strings of Love (2016)


Performed by Archi d’Amore Zelanda

Donald Maurice – viola d’amore,

Jane Curry – guitar, Emma Goodbehere – cello


Michael Williams (Waikato, NZ) and Boris Pigovat (Israel).

These trios by were written just a few months ago and are dedicated to Archi d’Amore Zelanda.


This is an opportunity to preview their international premieres in Poland in June in concerts in Luslawice, Krakow and Warsaw.


So here we have a free concert of very interesting music played by the finest of professional players. And it is free!

Please come along and bring friends and family.



Other things happening at the meeting…


Guitar Ensemble:

Of course we will start with our Guitar Ensemble.

If you are not part of this – be brave – choose a part that suits your ability – get the music and start practising.


Owen has very kindly (as he does each year) taken responsibility for organising the guitar ensemble music. The pieces we are playing for a start are the following:


  1. Joropo
  2. Tyrolean Cradle Song
  3. The Sage Leaf
  4. Going Cuckoo
  5. The Water is wide.


We will also look at a few more from the ones that Owen provided last meeting.


Please decide which part you will be playing and stick with that for all pieces and throughout the year. This will really help the ensemble develop and of course it is better for you as well. I will be on part 2 this year.


If you do not have a copy yet of the ensemble pieces, fear not – you can share at the meeting.


Members playing

I encourage people to play a piece. And please remember – it does not have to be the hardest piece in the world. And also it does not have to be played perfectly to be enjoyable for others to listen to.

Any one who has something to play would be very welcome. This is a big part of what we are about – lots of us playing  guitar.

It would be great to hear more playing from others.

It could be a future or previous exam piece for example. Or just something you have been working on recently.

See you there this coming Sunday for more enjoyable guitar playing and listening.



Others things happening…

This will be a great concert on Friday May 27th at 7.30 pm. In the Adam concert room, at NZ School of music.

Contact for more details, including location.



Future meeting

July 3rd  2016

Feature spot yet to be decided.

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