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To promote the classical guitar in the community

Theme for June

Featured performer

Jamie Garrick

Come and hear this great new talent at our society!

Here is some biography about Jamie…

 ‘… a poetic interpretation, with sensitive phrasing and appropriate rubato, underpinned by a sound technique…’                                                                       – Frances Robinson, Middle C Classical Music Reviews

Jamie Garrick, a graduate of the New Zealand School of Music , was recently awarded 1st prize at the 2014 New Zealand Classical Guitar Competition.  This achievement comes less than a year after Jamie completed his Masters, gaining Distinction under the tuition of Dr Jane Curry. Jamie’s previous accomplishments include being awarded a ‘New Zealand Aspiring Guitarist’ scholarship in 2013, in recognition of his performance ability and musicianship. This award included a performance at the 2014 Taranaki Classical Guitar Summer School and a masterclass with Grammy award winning guitarist, William Kanengiser. In 2012, Jamie performed alongside Matthew Marshall and the Tudor Consort, and was a member of the New Zealand School of Music Guitar Quartet which performed around Wellington, including at the Michael Fowler Centre for the Victoria graduation ceremonies. Jamie has performed in numerous concert series in Wellington, in addition to performances this year in Hamilton and Whangarei.  He has also performed in masterclasses for guitarists such as Ricardo Gallen, Xuefei Yang, and Aleksandr Tsiboulski, and has himself mentored young guitarists in a variety of educational settings. Jamie is also a recipient of the Sir Alan Stewart Postgraduate Scholarship and the New Zealand School of Music Director’s Postgraduate Scholarship.

Jamie Garrick is a graduate of the New Zealand School of Music. In 2014, he completed his Masters, gaining Distinction under the tuition of Dr Jane Curry. Jamie is the recipient of numerous scholarships and awards including a 2013 ‘NZ Aspiring Guitarist’ scholarship and first prize at the 2014 NZ Classical Guitar Competition. He performs and teaches in the Wellington region and beyond.

Program of music

Jamie will be playing the following works…

Prelude from Suite in Cm, BWV 997                                                        Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

This suite is most likely a late work of Bach’s, probably written in the late 1730s. This arrangement has been transcribed to A minor.

Le Depart – Le Retour, Op. 31                                                                                  Napoleon Coste (1805-1883)

Napoleon Coste was born in the east of France and was first taught the guitar by his mother who was herself an accomplished guitarist. In his mid-20s, he moved to Paris where he studied with Fernando Sor. Unfortunately, he broke his arm at age 58 which ended his performing career. This work consists of two pieces – Le Depart (The Departure) and Le Retour (The Return) – and was inspired by the events of 29 December 1855 when the French marched back into Paris after laying siege to Sevastopol.

Jeff Buckley Requiem                                                                                                        Denis Mortagne (b. 1958)

  1. Carmen perennis (Eternal Ballad)
  2. Fuga temporum (Fugitive Vision)

III. Prima lux (Sunrise)

The singer and guitarist Jeff Buckley was tragically killed one night while swimming in the Mississippi. His body wasn’t found for six days. Mortagne’s work explores this tragedy: ‘Carmen perennis is an ancient funeral march that recounts the endless and Sisyphean quest to enter the realm of the ideal, the ethereal, the transcendental. Fuga temporum is, without doubt, the most narrative movement, and flows desperately through meandering, tormented thoughts (the metaphorical Mississippi river). Prima lux is not an epilogue that is full of hope, but rather an end of the journey that immerses the listener in a contemplative, introspective conclusion.’ Denis Mortagne is a French composer and classical guitarist.

Etudes Esquisses (excerpts)                                                                                               Gerald Garcia (b. 1949)

Nos. I – V

Gerald Garcia is a classical guitarist and composer based in Oxford. He has performed with many notable musicians including John Williams with whom he toured China in 1995. He has also recorded for Naxos. From 25 Etudes Esquisses: ‘This collection of classical guitar studies is intended for the intermediate guitarist. As a whole, these etudes emulate the content of Carcassi’s famed “25 Etudes”, yet in a more contemporary harmonic and rhythmic idiom. These pieces are also distinguished in that they are not only valuable as left and right-hand technical exercises but also as valid, pleasurable concert repertoire…’

 Other things happening at the meeting…

Naturally we will start with our guitar ensemble. The pieces we will play this month will start at Bourree by Handle and work backwards. The list will be

Bourree – pg 47

Back in Ussr – staring on page 37

Kalimba – starting on page 25

LA Tramontana – starting on page 19

We will also play through the little Bach Mussette I brought along last meeting. I have attached it to this newsletter again this month.


Please decide which part you will be playing and stick with that for all pieces and throughout the year. This will really help the ensemble develop.


If you do not have a copy yet of the ensemble pieces, fear not – you can share at the meeting.


Any one else who has something to play would be very welcome.

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