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To promote the classical guitar in the community

Theme for March 2016

Our next meeting will be held on Sunday 6th March 2016
The address is Crossways (upstairs) at 6 Roxburgh Street, Mt Victoria.
The meeting will start at 4.15pm and finish at 6.30 pm.

A very happy, healthy and prosperous new year to you all!

It will be great to see you there. Our society might be modest in size. But we get to share some special experiences with the guitar playing we enjoy. We are a bit like the Kakapo, small in number but rich in beauty and meaning!

Featured artist for this month:

Our featured artist is still to be arranged. It may be Duo Tapas with our very own Owen Moriarty and his violinist, Rupa Maitra. This is a top class professional act and we are extremely fortunate to have this as a possibility. Otherwise we may have Students from the university playing pieces in preparation for a concert later in March. It is always great to hear these young people as they develop technically and musically. They deserve our support. I will let you know before the meeting what we have oragised as a feature.

This months meeting…

Guitar ensemble:

In our first and future meetings we will have our normal guitar group. Please take part in this if at all possible – even if you just join in for the simpler pieces and then sit to the side. There will be some simpler music in this year’s offering as well which will be good for less advanced players. We will have a few copies at society each meeting to use just at society. But we are going to have the pieces stored on the web site so you can download them and print them yourself and make your own folder – maybe in a scrap book. We will do our best to inform you well before the meeting of the pieces we will focus on at the coming meeting.  We are still getting this organised for this year. For next meeting we will at least play the attached piece which is at an easy level of playing. Please can you print this out and add to a scrap book for this years ensemble pieces. Then have a practise of a part you choose.  The piece is called “Going Cuckoo”. There is also an mp3 file for you to listen to of this piece. It is at this link – Enjoy.

The music for the guitar ensemble is organised by Owen. This is a big job and he does a great job at this. Many thanks to him for all he does here. If you have any ideas, please let him know.

Members playing:

Then as per normal we will have a time for members playing. This is a time for members to play solos or ensemble pieces which they have prepared. Please take courage and take part in this part of the meeting.


Committee Meeting

Your committee met last Sunday14th March to organise for the year.

Here is a summary of our discussions:


We are keen to get more advertising out into  the community so more people know about us. Your help would be great with this. We will have some brochures for posting up soon. Marion is working on this. Many thanks to her.

Possible meeting themes/featured artists:

  1. Music theme – ie. Renaissance.
  2. Music from local composers including our own compositions.
  3. How to improvise
  4. Guitar resources on the Web!
  5. A local guitarist feature performance.
  6. Students from the University guitar program (solo’s or ensembles)
  7. And expert from another area of music – example could be a Bach expert.

So these are some ideas for our program during the year which will consolidate as time and energy allow. Any ideas or offerings from members are also very appreciated.



There have been discussions about moving the society meeting to another location. However for the moment we have decided to remain where we are at Crossways.

Guitar concerts during the year

There are 4 guitar featured concerts that are happening so far this year. We will give you more details about these as they approach. A  main reason  we get these top artists coming to Wellington is because of the great guitar program that Jane managers at Victoria University.

Community group Funding

It would be great if we could extend our reach as a guitar society. We are a valuable community group. We are wondering where we might obtain some extra funding to help us – especially in the area of promotion. If you have any ideas or expertise in this area we would really welcome your help!


So – hope to see you all at Crossways on Sunday 6th March.

All the very best to everybody.

Mike WR (on behalf of Guitar Society Committee).

Future meeting

April 3rd  2016

At the moment we are hoping to get a guitar maker to come in and talk to us about the art of guitar making. We will let you know as we confirm this.


Website and Facebook page

Remember our website. This is  a great addition to our promotion and communication potential. It can be found at

Please note that we also have a Facebook page. If you get on to this and like it, you will be able to see any updates, info/newsletters that go out. Facebook address is



Society Fees

To offer our monthly meetings and to promote the activity of the society we need some funds. For example the room must be hired for each meeting. We have purchased a domain name for our web site. We need to pay for printing of music and promotional materials.  It would be great if each person interested in the society could also support it by paying the membership fees.

They  are as follows (for 2016)

First visit $free

$5 – Casual

$25 – Students

$30 – Family (2 adults and 2 children)

$40 Adults

If you wish to pay fees please give these to the host for the evening or another committee member.

Or you can pay by internet banking at

WCGS acc number: 38 9012 0700 830 00

Please include your name clearly and also reason for payment (Guitar Soc fees)

Thanks for helping in this way.


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