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To promote the classical guitar in the community

Theme for September: Student Performers from the New Zealand School of Music

Meeting: September  6th 2015.

The address is Crossways (upstairs) at 6 Roxburgh Street, Mt Victoria.

The meeting  will start at 4.15pm and finish at 6.30 pm.

 Theme for  September

Student Performers from the New Zealand School of Music


Students at the school of music can often play so well. Of course they are less experienced than professional players and they deserve understanding and support in this regard. But they are also often very enthusiastic and passionate about their playing. They deserve our support. Come and enjoy what promises to be some lovely playing of great music. The program is as follows:


Amber Madriaga (1st year)

Petenera                                                                    Regino Sainz de la Maza (1896 – 1981)



Emma Sandford (1st year)

Variations on a Theme by Handel, Op. 107           Mauro Giuliani (1781-1829)

Variations 1, 2 and 4


Lucinda Ng (1st year)

Passacaglia                                                               Silvius Leopold Weiss (1687 – 1750)


Joel Baldwin (1st year)

Homenaje                                                                 Manuel de Falla (1876-1946

Allemande from E Minor Suite BWV 996             J.S Bach (1685-1750)


Dylan Solomon (3rd year)
Danza Brasiera                                                         J Morel (1931)


Royden Smith (3rd year)

Hammerowen                                                          Mike Hogan (1971*)



Other things happening at the meeting…

Naturally we will start with our guitar ensemble. The pieces we will play this month will be


LA Tramontana

The three Pretorius pieces (Courante, Ballet, La Bouree)

And also the Bach Mussette.


Please decide which part you will be playing and stick with that for all pieces and throughout the year. This will really help the ensemble develop.

If you do not have a copy yet of the ensemble pieces, fear not – you can share at the meeting.

Any one else who has something to play would be very welcome.

It would be great to hear more playing from others.

So I encourage you. In this short life. Take a risk. Play a piece at guitar society.

It could be a future or previous exam piece for example. Or just something you have been working on recently.

See you there this coming Sunday for more enjoyable guitar playing and listening.


Last Month

We had our normal guitar group run. Always enjoyable to be part of this as the playing ensemble improves. And so good for improving the guitar skilfulness of participants.


We then had some nice playing from members including a virtuosic ragtime piece and a  lovely South American piece Mark and an excellent duo from James.


The main theme for the evening was Bossa Nova

The program was


Manha de Carnaval

Garota de Ipanema






It was very nice to hear this ensemble with singer, percussion and two guitars.

They performed in the standard Bossa Nova way with, for each song

  1. Singer sings the tune while percussion and guitars accompany
  2. Guitarists take turns at doing a full verse or more solo, with an improvised or pre-prepared solo.
  3. Singer sings a final verse to finish.

Julie Bevan is so wonderfully skilled at the art of improvising solos in this context. It is so refreshing to hear music being made up “on the spot” like this.

Many thanks to this Bossa Nova team


A special Recording

michael calvert

Michael Calvert had been a fine guitar player and composer  in New Zealand for many years. He then went to live in New York to further his musical ambitions. He worked with well known American guitarist David Starobin as a music producer.  He also gained his Masters in Music. He has continued to compose

More recently he submitted a piece for the New Zealand music for Guitar competition organised by Matthew Marshall. Michaels piece was the winner in this competition.

Subsequently Matthew has recorded a complete CD of guitar music composed by Michael Calvert.

I must say I love this music. I have played it in the past. I find it repays richly ongoing listening or playing. It is music of high quality. For me, when I am getting a little jaded with standard guitar repertoire (yes that can happen to some of us at times!) Michaels music  is a fresh wake up.

I recommend it to you.

It can be purchased at fishpond at the following link:


Coming up

Guitar concert and master class

Saturday 5th of September: Andrey Lebedev, Concierto Aranjuez, Orchestra Wellington, Michael Fowler Center, 7.30pm

Sunday 6th of September: Andrey Lebedev master class 10-12pm Adam Concert Room, NZSM

The great NZ Guitar Quartet

Wednesday 16th of September: The New Zealand Guitar Quartet Concert 7.30pm  NZSM Concert Hall


Bossa Nova

Here is a message from Fabiola, the singer from the Bossa Nova performance last meeting….

On the 29 Aug at Havana Club in Wigan Street, Te Aro, Fibola and her group Clube do Choro will perform some really nice Brazilian music.  Our current formation is: Guitar, 2 percussionists, trumpet, trombone, flute and clarinet



Makes it for a really interesting mix, so I hope you can make it.


The link below for a concert of one of Brazilian most eloquent contemporary 7 string guitarists. In this case he is performing with in house talent and the accordion. His name is Yamandu Costa. His talent is incredible.  This repertoire includes Wave and other CHORO tunes we play here in Wellington.


Hope you enjoy it:

Future meeting

October   4th 4.15 to 6.30 Theme yet to be decided.


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