At this meeting we will not be having a featured artist. Instead…..

1. We will have our ensemble meeting. Last time we started with Clyde running us through 2 simple pieces well within the capability of relatively early stage guitarists. This was very successful and several people said to me afterwards that they enjoyed and appreciated this. We really want our group to be for students of all levels.

2. After Clydes work the ensemble will have a go at preparing and recording 2 more pieces

a. The Water is wide

b. German Dance – see if you can get some good practice done on your parts for these pieces in particular.

3. Depending on time we will play through more of our ensemble repertoire.

4. Next we will enjoy members playing of solos and group pieces. We may have some students from the University guitar program playing this month – and that is always something to look forward to, hearing young highly enthusiastic and fresh players playing very interesting music.

5. Finally Clyde Clemett will lead us in a workshop introducing improvisation. There will be opportunity for us all to jam along. I have had a lot of interest in this topic over the last couple of years. It is great playing the beautiful music of other great composers on our guitars. But it is also special be in a situation where you can start to create your very own music – which is what improvisation is all about. Many thanks Clyde.

Guitar Ensemble:
These can be accessed at

Please just go to this link and then click on each title to get a copy on your computer which you can then print.

The pieces we will work with today will be in the following order:

Note we have a new piece no. 22 from 48 preludes and fugues by JS Bach

1.All in a garden
2. Drink to Me Only
3. German Dance
4. The water is wide
5. Hong Dou Ci
6. Le Phenix
7. Set of quartet pieces #2 by Forrest. These can be found at the following link.

I will also have some extra copies at the meeting.
Only print what you need for your part.

These all have reasonably simple parts. . But also some parts are more difficult than others for the same piece. Generally the 3rd part is the easiest. Choose a part that is reasonably easy to play for you. Please if possible download and print for yourself. However, If you forget to do this before the meeting – fear not – we will have paper copies at the meeting. But it is a big help if you can do this for yourself.

Also – for some, this will be too much music to practice. So just choose the first 2 or three and work on those. Then you can step out of the group if you wish for the harder pieces. It is a great experience to play as part of this bigger group and it will be fantastic to have as many as possible to take part.

Members playing:

As usual we will have time for members playing. Either ensembles, duos or solos. There was a nice variety of attractive and interesting playing at the last meeting. Great if we can keep this up. Well done to all the players. And please, it does not have to be “classical” music that you perform. And also “own compositions” are very welcome.

Following meeting – Sunday – September 3rd
To be announced.

Whats happening around town?
The Aranjuez concerto – Pablo Sainz Villegas with the NZSO this Saturday, MFC.

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