New Zealand Music

A few years ago we had a meeting where we only played guitar music from New Zealand. Quite a few members played their own compositions.

We would like to do the same thing for our July meeting this year . So that is the theme. Either play one or a few pieces you have composed yourself! Or played something by a New Zealand composer.

How adventurous is that! Be challenged. Give it a go. We are letting you know now so you have time to prepare. It is a big bold step to be able to say “I play other peoples music. And also I play some music I made up my self.”

Douglas Lilburn was a NZ composer who wrote music for the guitar. Here is a link to a youtube of a piece of his called “Flowers of the Sea”

Meeting Introduction

Clyde will start us off with an introduction simpler piece for all in a group situation. Many thanks to Clyde for the contributions he makes to our group in this area.

Ensemble Work

Such a great opportunity to have musical fun and develop musical skills. For this month we will focus on the pieces as follows:

Pavane,,Mille Ducas”

Galliarde,,Ghequest bin ick”

Ronde,,Mille Ducas”

Meridian (Richard Charlton)

Baby Elephant Walk.

Note that the whole document with these and the rest of the pieces for 2018 is here: WCGS 2018 Music

Please practice your parts. Then you will enjoy things more and the playing will go better.

Members playing:

As usual we will have time for members playing. Either ensembles, duos or solos. And please, it does not have to be “classical” music that you perform. Jazz , pop , folk. And also “own compositions” are very welcome.

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