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To promote the classical guitar in the community

Theme for May

Great guitarists of the World

Some thing I have wanted to do for a long time is have a theme dedicated to showing some videos of some great performances by some of the greatest guitar players of the world! So the later part of this months meeting will be dedicated to this. Including names such as Julian Bream,  Alvaro Perri, Ana Vidovic, Marek Pasieczny. These may be performances or performers you have not seen before.


Naturally we will have our guitar ensemble. The pieces we will play this month are the first 5 from the ensemble book.  Please decide which part you will be playing and stick with that for all pieces and throughout the year. This will really help the ensemble develop.


I have also attached a simplish piece I would like us to try. A Bach Musette.  You might like to print it out and practice it. I will bring printed copies on the night as well. If you do not have a copy yet of the ensemble pieces, fear not – you can share at the meeting.


Any one else who has something to play would be very welcome. I have made a commitment to myself  to play a piece every time I come to guitar society this year!!! It may be something very simple if I have had no time to prepare. Or something that is more challenging and risky for me to play. But I will take a stand against the little devil who sits on my shoulder and whispers in my ear that my playing is not good enough to be heard at the society. Or that I might stuff up and embarrass myself. I might stuff up. That is the risk of performance. So it shows great courage to get up and play something  in spite of that risk.

So I encourage others. In this short life. Take a risk. Play a piece at guitar society.


It could be a future or previous exam piece for example. Or just something you have been working on recently.

See you there this coming Sunday for more enjoyable guitar playing and listening.

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