August 6 2023 – Concert by Megan Robson

5:35—6:30 Concert by Megan Robson Phillip Houghton (1954-2017)       Kinkachoo, I Love You                                                      God of the Northern Forest James Rawley (b. 1997)               Rosella Richard Charlton (b. 1955)            Sonata of Forgotten Dreams                                                      I.         Crusades & crosses                                                      II.        The games of chance                                                      III.       Reconciliations & regrets                                                      IV.      Recurring dreams Lilith Guégamian (b. 1971)            Dans le Souffle du Temps Andrew York (b. 1958)                  Sunburst New Zealand classical guitarist Megan Robson is currently undertaking her Master of Philosophy in Classical performance at The University of Adelaide with Dr Oliver Fartach-Naini. She has a particular interest in
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