Kwan and Elsa

Concert by Elsa Shih (Flute) and Sirisan Sobhanasiri (Kwan) (Guitar)

4:45—5:45 PM Thistle Hall, Cuba, Street. This concert is presented in association with Classical on Cuba, so paying members of the public will also be joining.  Details can be found here:

Experience the extraordinary talents of Elsa Shih and Kwan, two exceptional musicians whose virtuosity captivates audiences worldwide. Elsa, a Royal Birmingham Conservatoire graduate, honed her skills as the former Co-Principal Flute of the Shaanxi Symphony Orchestra and Principal Piccolo of the Guiyang Symphony Orchestra. Now based in Wellington, New Zealand, she operates her own acclaimed Elsa Shih Music Studio.

Kwan, a gifted guitarist hailing from Thailand, pursued his Masters degree at the New Zealand School of Music. With an impressive record of international and domestic guitar competition victories, Kwan’s exceptional artistry shines through. Currently engaged in a recording project linked to the Latin American branch of the Centre of Asia Pacific Excellence, he collaborates with top performers from the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and NZSM.

Together, Elsa and Kwan form a mesmerising duo, their musical partnership flourishing since 2020. Invited to grace venues such as the Guitar Society Concert Series and Victoria University, they present captivating performances encompassing a diverse range of programmes. Prepare to be impressed as their harmonies intertwine, taking you on a captivating musical journey filled with passion and artistry.

  • Astor Piazzolla, Bordel 1900 and Cafe 1930
  • Georges Bizet, Seguidilla and Habanera
  • Béla Bartók, Romanian folk dances
  • Yoko Kanno, Hanawa saku (Flowers will bloom)
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